From little acorns...

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Just before Christmas 2019 we moved into our newly built house on the farm to accommodate our growing family. This gave me a blank canvas on which to design our new garden. Currently there are three large raised beds full of dahlias, cosmos, sweet peas, snapdragons and lots more. This has provided enough flowers to start selling bouquets to people in the surrounding villages. 

In front of these beds is a large area seeded with wildflowers, the children love to explore this and we have mown a path down the middle to get to their den at the bottom. It is wonderful on a hot summer's day to see a cloud of butterflies dancing about and the hum of bees is joyous. We plan to keep this area fairly wild, but will plant fruit trees here too this Autumn. 

I have started planning lots of new flowers for next year to make the most of the seasons. My biennial seedlings are doing well, the hardy annuals need planting and I need to order lots of bulbs so I will have flowers as early as March. I also love to forage from the hedgerow which provides a beautiful glimpse of wild seasonal beauty.  

I plan to build lots more flower beds and hopefully in the next year or two I can expand to the field next to our house. All very exciting, so watch this space.